5 reasons to love Peru (EN)

Everytime I meet new people at events and parties, I always speak of my travels to Peru. Indeed, this journey has changed my life and it is an important story for me to tell.

People often asked me why I loved Peru so much. I spent hours explaining all the magical things about Peru. When I finished my tales, people fell in love with the country too. What I liked the most was seeing their eyes light up !

Do you want to fall in love with Peru too ? Here are the five main reasons to love Peru and take a trip.

Nature is (really) beautiful

The Peruvian landscape is wild and exotic. With amazing landscapes, secret places and different types of decor to offer, you can walk through mountains, swim in the ocean, hike the canyons, discover the Amazon rainforest, or go visit the awesome Peruvian cities. Your trip will be diverse !

Peruvian history is fascinating

The Peruvian lands have been discovered and inhabited by various types of people, such as the Incas, Wari or conquistadores. They have left so many structures, objects, stories and bones ! It is very interesting to discover it in order to understand and learn their way of life.

Friendly people

The first thing I noticed when I arrived, was the kindness of the Peruvians. They are very helpful if you get lost !

There, I stayed with some Peruvian families, who welcomed me with open arms ! If you’re looking for kind and inviting people, you have to go to Peru.

Culture and way of life

I was so excited to discover another new way of life different from European culture. The people are more traditional and family is much more central. Everyone in Peru is an entrepreneur and you have to bargain for every purchase (price-tags don’t exist there). It’s fun !

Peruvian backpacks

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